About Us


Transforming mineral wealth with responsibility and sustainability
is what Brazil Paraiba Mine does.

The company is located in the Mulungu Site, in the city of Parelhas, Rio Grande do Norte state. It is in this place where there is the largest Paraiba Tourmaline mine on the planet, with its gems recognized and certified by the most renowned gemology laboratories in the world, such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA), SSEF (Swiss Gemmological Institute), GRS (GemResearch Swisslab).

Brazil Paraiba Mine has been operating in the market since 1998. It’s 20 continuous years of activity development generating more than 100 direct jobs and countless other indirect jobs, positively impacting the economy of the whole region through a judicious and respected professional work.

All the mining activity is done through studies of geological maps of soil and subsoil under the guidance of a technical staff of specialized engineers and geologists, allowing the precision in the choice of the best routes that provide the preservation of the environment where the mine is inserted, always performing an ethical and sustainable work.

Around the world, there is an increasing interest in the mining sector and companies such as Brazil Paraiba Mine, committed to the quality of their work and preservation of the environment, are worldwide references and rare models to be followed in the best practices of the sector.


To transform and to sell the Paraíba Tourmaline. Provide the stone with full compliance with quality specifications, ensuring customer satisfaction and working with absolute responsibility to employees and the community where we are inserted, maintaining a relationship of deep respect for mankind and for the nature.


To be a reference about the Paraiba Tourmaline, as an economically healthy company and strongly constituted in the principles of public, social and environmental responsibility.



To work economically the Paraiba Tourmaline with compliance to the workplace safety rules and protection of employees, giving priority to their physical and mental health.


To practice daily the respect to everything that surrounds our activity: the security and well-being of the people; preservation of the environment; the quality and legality of everything we produce; relations with the market and with customers.


To exert the responsibility with all the agents of the production chain and with the environment in order to offer the customers a product transformed from the strictest rules of conduct and certification.


Innovate in the search for Paraiba Tourmaline, incorporating new technologies that ensure the protection of people, the environment and ensuring the highest quality of what is produced.

Concern for the future

To carry out our activity in a way that reduces the impact on the environment and to ensure that the people involved and their communities have living conditions that provide a prosperous and sustainable future.

Integrity and Ethics

To be a reference in this market, as an integral and ethical company, ruled by labor laws, market and by the valorization of people and nature.


To contribute with all the agents involved in the sector, through actions of citizenship, education, health and ecology. Also collaborate with the development of mining activity, through concrete examples of compliance with the law and all socio-environmental certifications.