Paraiba Tourmaline

  • One of the rarest gems in the world

    In the 1980’s the discovery of a deep and bright blue stone changed history forever. Its unparalleled color and never seen before caused great curiosity and enchantment in the gemological world and of jewels. You had to know what it was about.

    This mission was entrusted to the respected GIA (Gemological Institute of America), which in 1989 carried out rigorous studies and tests to define that new material that was widely spoken. In the end, they realized that this was indeed a new and surprising discovery. The Tourmaline Paraiba.

Initially found in the homonym state of the Brazilian Northeast, Paraiba Tourmaline became one of the rarest and most precious gems in the world. All over the world, only five mines produce this rarity: three of them in Brazil – the largest in activity in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil Paraiba Mine – and two in Africa, with no records of its presence anywhere else place, fact that makes this gem even more special and coveted.

Its color, purity, size and lapidation attributes confer exclusivity to the jewels that receive it and, consequently, enchants the people who acquire them.

To make your pieces even more special, Paraiba Mine has developed the Matrix Paraíba, a cut that highlights this gem of incomparable beauty, where crystals and minerals of varying tones involve the purest Paraíba Tourmalines, transforming each piece into a unique jewel, created by nature itself.

The versatility of the material of Brazil Paraiba Mine still provides elements that bring the tourmaline in its primary state, for which the company developed and improved over the years a technology able to work it while maintaining its natural characteristics. They are handcrafted products, which enchant the world through decorative pieces, jewelry or collections, all with the incomparable color of Tourmaline Paraiba, neon blue.

Tourmaline Paraiba: Rarity and beauty found in the heart of Brazil.