• Mining activity is one of the most important branches of economic and industrial development in a country. Like all productive demands, a series of care and procedures are essential, requiring rigorous strategic planning and an integrated and participatory management model, in order to promote the necessary balance for the maintenance of the ecosystem as well as its population.

Aware of its importance to the region and to the balance of this activity, Brazil Paraiba Mine works with all the care for the environment and the well-being of its employees and their families.

In this way, the company provides transportation in appropriate vehicles, quality balanced food and in its own dining room, accommodation with maximum comfort and maximum safety, as well as equipment and cutting-edge training to its employees, among other benefits that generate integration and development of the team.

In order to share its expertise with the community, the company has also developed partnerships with educational institutions and universities where students, educators and counselors have the opportunity to get to know their facilities, obtaining a rich academic training through internships and excursions in loco, valuing in practice the knowledge obtained through an entire team of specialized collaborators.

In partnership with the environmental agencies, Brazil Paraiba Mine still develops a careful planning of revitalization and maintenance of native vegetation through sustainability techniques using its own resources without harming nature and its environment.



The water used in our beneficiation process is captured through wells that store rainwater, always prioritizing the environment. All processes aim at the reuse of water that is made in decantation and treatment tanks.


Always prioritizing the preservation and respect for the environment, the company carries out reforestation and management of native and fruit plants in its working environment.

With an elaborate hedge project, it takes into account the use of the native vegetation itself, aiming at the safety of the area through natural resources.